8 Best Aftermarket Parts and Accessories For Your New Tesla Model Y

This article covers the best products, parts, and accessories for your new Tesla Model Y. I researched and hand-picked eight of the top products that I think are the best choices for upgrading and accessorizing your new Model Y. If you already have your car, then you can pick up these products anytime to enhance your Tesla experience. If you just placed the order for a new Model Y, then you can immediately start planning for these purchases so that you have them on-hand when your new car arrives.

There are hundreds of different aftermarket accessories that you can buy to customize or compliment your new Tesla Model Y. There are accessories that will customize your Model Y cosmetically, and there are aftermarket parts that will make your Model Y perform better. There are interior upgrades and exterior upgrades. There are even services that you can hire to make your new Tesla look and perform better.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all available parts and accessories for Tesla Model Y, but it's a short list of my top recommendations if you want to make your new Tesla even more incredible and enjoyable to own and drive.

1. Charging Accessories For Tesla Model Y

It's not sexy, but it's still a necessity to charge your Tesla... and you should start thinking about it when you order your new Model Y.

If you plan to charge your car at home (highly recommended), then you may want some accessories to make that a bit easier and more organized. WiseTech3D sells a set of 3D-printed parts that you can mount to the wall of your garage or carport to help keep your charging cable neat and tidy. One part supports the charging electronics, and the other part holds the end of the charging cable and allows you to neatly coil up and hang the cable to keep it off the ground. This kit is sold through the WiseTech3D Etsy shop, and I love supporting independent entrepreneurs whenever possible.

Tesla Mobile Charging Cable Holder Kit (Etsy)

If you plan to take your car on road trips (also highly recommended), then you may want to carry some charging adapters and an extension cable for charging... in case you need to charge someplace that is less-than-convenient. EVANNEX offers several options, including extension cables and various adapters that you may need... depending upon what type of electrical outlets you may have available. This is an accessory that is nice to have in a pinch, but hopefully you never need it.

Road Trip Charging Accessories (EVANNEX)

2. Jack Pads For Tesla Model Y

Tesla recommends that when you lift your Model Y for maintenance or repairs, you lift it at four designated lift points under the vehicle using a heavy duty floor jack or professional hoist. If you don't lift the car using these four lift points, you risk causing expensive damage to the battery pack under the car.

It can sometimes be difficult to align a floor jack with these designated lift points, and if you don't get aligned properly before lifting the car, it can slip off the jack... potentially causing serious damage or injury. Jack pads, when inserted into the designated lift points, can make it much easier and safer to lift your Tesla Model Y whenever you need to remove a wheel, rotate the tires, and perform maintenance and repairs under the vehicle.

Zink Wheels sells a 4-piece set of LIFT-OFF Jack Pads, complete with a convenient drawstring storage pouch that makes it easy to carry and store the jack pads in your trunk or frunk. If you need to have someone perform work on your Model Y, then you can hand them the pouch and ask them to use the jack pads whenever they lift your car. Don't leave the ground without a set of these.

LIFT-OFF Jack Pad Set for Tesla (Zink Wheels)

3. Floor and Cargo Mats For Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is delivered with carpet floor mats for the passengers, but carpet floor mats quickly get dirty, they're tough to keep clean, and they don't do a good job of containing water, snow, and other spills inside the car. Many new Tesla owners purchase all-weather floor mats and cargo mats for their Model Y to help keep the interior of the car clean and dry.

If you're serious about taking care of your interior, then Tesla Shields sells a great line of all-weather front and rear passenger floor mats, as well as matching mats for the frunk and cargo area of your Model Y. They're molded to fit the contours of the car's floor, they have a nice texture, they have tall edges to contain rain, snow, and other spills, and they're easy to remove and clean. Passenger spilled a Big Gulp on the floor? It's not a problem (but you can still act like it is).

Tesla Floor and Cargo Mats (Tesla Shields)

4. Trunk and Frunk Organizers For Tesla Model Y

Do you like to keep junk in your frunk? Don't let it get out of hand. Cleaning products, towels, tools, alien artifacts, and other loose items don't need to slide around in your frunk or trunk and create disarray.

EVANNEX sells a great organizer product that can help keep the rear trunk of your Model Y under control at all times. Partitions create smaller compartments for separating and organizing all of that important stuff that you need to haul around. You can set this organizer in your trunk, or you can lower it into the sub-trunk compartment to make room for other larger things in the main trunk compartment.

Tesla Trunk Organizer (EVANNEX)

Tesmanian sells a molded plastic frunk organizer that fits perfectly into your Model Y front trunk; it has compartments for keeping things separated and upright, and it fits any model year Tesla Model Y.

Model Y Frunk Organizer (Tesmanian)

5. Center Console Organizer Tray For Tesla Model Y

The center console in a Tesla Model Y provides a lot of storage space, but it basically consists of a giant cavern that you can throw stuff into.

If you'd like to keep your smaller items a bit more organized in the center console (change for parking meters, small tools, hand sanitizer, Scooby snacks), then Abstract Ocean sells a very nice Sliding Center Console Tray that holds those smaller items... then slides out of the way to expose the deeper cavern below for larger items. This accessory is a no-brainer.

Model Y Center Console Tray (Abstract Ocean)

6. Vinyl Cosmetic Carbon Fiber and Color Accents For Tesla Model Y

An easy and inexpensive way to give your new Model Y a unique appearance is with vinyl "skins" on various parts of your car. Want to change the color of your center console? Buy an adhesive vinyl skin and change the color or texture in minutes. Want to quickly add carbon fiber accents to your dash, door handles, or center console? A carbon fiber skin will do the trick.

Abstract Ocean has sold high-quality adhesive vinyl Tesla skins for years, and they have tons of extremely detailed how-to videos on their website that describe every step of the DIY installation process.

Vinyl Products for Tesla (Abstract Ocean)

7. Mud Flaps For Tesla Model Y

If you live in a place where there is a lot of sand, stone, snow, or road construction, or if you drive on unpaved roads often, then your new Model Y is likely to get dirty quickly and start accumulating tiny stone chips behind the wheels. Therefore, many new Tesla owners who live in places like this install mud flaps to help protect the car's body and keep it clean.

Tesmanian sells a set of high-quality durable plastic mud flaps that virtually anyone can install with some simple tools. The kit comes with 4 mud flaps and all of the necessary hardware to install them on your Model Y.

Model Y Mud Flaps / Splash Guards (Tesmanian)

8. Custom Wheels For Tesla Model Y

Not satisfied with the stock Tesla wheel options that are available from the factory? Want to set your car apart from all the others... as well as make it ride and perform better?

Zink Wheels provide you with a way to significantly upgrade the appearance and the performance of your Tesla Model Y. These fully-forged lightweight aluminum wheels give your car a distinctive and sophisticated appearance that no other aftermarket wheels can offer. A beautiful Tesla deserves to roll on beautifully-engineered wheels.

Model Y Fully-Forged Wheels (Zink Wheels)

Bonus Tips For Accessorizing Your New Tesla Model Y

Here are some extra tips for best results when accessorizing your Model Y:

Don't Wait: Once you've placed the order for your new Model Y, start planning and purchasing your accessories early. Some accessories are not immediately available, so you will need to order them and wait for their delivery. You'll want to have your accessories in-hand when you take delivery of your new car so that you can install them right away.

Plan Your Charging Strategy: If you haven't planned how you will charge your new Model Y, then educate yourself and research your options before your new car arrives. If you need to purchase charging equipment or accessories, or if you need to have charging circuits installed at your home by an electrician, then you'll want to have it completed before your new car is delivered.

Educate Yourself: Many sellers of Tesla Model Y accessories provide detailed information and videos describing how to install and use their products. While you're waiting for your new car to arrive, use that time to learn about the products so that you're ready to go when your new Model Y is delivered.


Although there are hundreds of different aftermarket parts and accessories available to customize your new Tesla Model Y, this article covers the best products that I recommend for a new Model Y owner. I researched and hand-picked these products that I think are the best choices for upgrading and accessorizing your new Model Y; it's a short list of my top recommendations if you want to make your new Tesla even more incredible and enjoyable to own and drive. I hope that you try some of these products and you're able to customize your new Model Y to give it more personality.

Good luck!

Your friend,
-- Tony Zink

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